Sasha Ray: Who Is She? The successful entrepreneur and influencer from Ukraine reveals her strategies.

Sasha Ray has made a lot of money during her time here. Sasha Ray is a singer, model, restaurateur, and entrepreneur who moved from Ukraine to Dubai. Along the way, she started a number of successful brands and businesses. Sasha, who is now based in Dubai, wants to improve successful music and hospitality businesses while also making use of her influence.

SASHA, whose birth name was ALEXANDRA VOVCHENKO, changed her name shortly after entering the spotlight as a singer. She elaborates, “When I began my singing career, I created my public name.” RAY, which represents my personality, stands for a ray of light or sunlight, and SASHA is a short version of my name, Alexandera. However, SASHA’s rise to prominence is actually due to her business success.

Sasha’s journey began shortly after she graduated from Kiev National Economic University with her first Master’s degree in international business. The young entrepreneur decided to get a second master’s degree because she loved the hospitality industry. She went to the EM Lyon Business School, Institute Paul Bocuse, and Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne to study luxury management. She also finished a semester at China East Normal University before doing internships at the Burj Al Arab and the Berkeley Hotel in London, two of the world’s most opulent hotels.

SASHA’S singing career really took off during one of these internships. One of my university professors approached me in the interim to suggest that I try my luck in the music industry. She was looking for new projects at the time and had been working with one of the best UKRAINIAN music producers. My first single, “-” (LOVE IS PAIN), was a hit when we recorded it!

When pressed on her music career further, SASHA acknowledges that it had always been a dream of her parents. I’d always wanted to try my hand at the show business deep down inside. I distinctly recall how, as a young child, I begged my parents to purchase me a piano so that I could learn how to play it. Later on, I have never missed an opportunity to participate in various television shows and shootings. Music has always been a part of my life, regardless of how busy I was with other projects, ever since I released my first single. My soul has always been fed by it.

Sasha’s career has, however, grown far beyond her initial goals of becoming a singer. Sasha moved to Dubai shortly after completing her second Master’s degree in hospitality to fully pursue her interest in business. Sasha started her first restaurant brand, Vesna (which means “Spring”), in Dubai. The restaurant combined contemporary, contemporary, and Ukrainian themes to provide a full menu of delicious food and entertainment. Vesna was one of the first restaurants in Dubai to offer karaoke, catering to both locals and tourists from the former Soviet bloc.

However, success came at a cost, and the economic crisis quickly demonstrated that no business venture can survive without its own set of difficulties. SASHA REPORTS, “After some time, the financial crisis hit the Russian and UKRAINIAN markets, and we lost quite a few customers.” However, I never lost my faith. Soon after we rebranded the restaurant, my brand “MAISON ROUGE” emerged. This time, the idea was very global, and it was the first place in Dubai to offer cabaret shows.

Sasha has gained a large following and a lot of influence as a result of Maison Rouge, which was a huge success and has been featured in international and Russian media. Sasha now sees herself as an entrepreneur and full-time influencer. She developed a social media following of at least 1.5 million thanks to her involvement in such a highly social business. She now collaborates with some of the world’s leading brands and is frequently invited to events with high ratings.

However, not all of her business success has been smooth sailing as a result of leveraging that level of influence. When asked about her worst fears, Shasha’s response was straightforward: I’ve made the decision to live without fear. The greatest obstacle to success, not only in business but in life as a whole, is fear. Yes, I’ve had a lot of fears in my life, but every time I worked through them, I realized that everything was just in my head.

Although she has mentioned “future pursuits in the fashion industry, as well as new music releases and other developments within my music project,” Sasha keeps her plans for the future mostly a secret. However, for the time being, the Ukrainian woman living in Dubai offers the following piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: Be intrigued! Talk to people, learn as much as you can, meet new people, and make the right connections. You will succeed if you are willing to form partnerships for your business!

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