Mogul Unstoppable: QuickSilva DJ

There is no way to quantify DJ QuickSilva’s accomplishments. The award-winning DJ stated that it wasn’t always easy to grow up in East Baltimore. However, he quickly realized that the way he spun the records he chose would set the pace of his life.

One of the most adored DJs in Washington, DC, Dj QuickSilva, was recently honored at Ben’s Chili Bowl, a Washington, DC landmark. Roberto “DJ Quicksilva” Silva’s picture is on the Wall of Fame at Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street in northwest Washington, DC.

For the past two decades, the Mogul QuickSilva has been ranked DC #1 and won two Global Spin Awards, including East coast #1 at the MixShow Power Summit. He currently owns two DJ schools in Baltimore and Washington, DC ( owns the nightclub Club DownTown Bmore and shares in C3W, the professional wrestling league with the fastest growth rate in the world. He is a school motivational speaker, a community servant, and a philanthropist when he is not working. His motto, “Hard Work, Dedication, and Consistency #In Real Life,” is one that he truly lives by.

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