Meysam Eddie – the Fastest Rapper in Istanbul

Try to visit every region around the world. Can you? Somewhat it turns out to be impossible. But try unfolding the pages of the internet and find a bunch of new artists popping up on the sites every day. Yes, this can be done right? But what is it that we find? Every second, a newbie gets an addition to the lake of creation in this beautiful world. They never tire out of creating and recreating what they are passionate about.

Singing, composing, acting, and directing go along in a talented individual here we are going to talk about. Wondering how all are manageable so smoothly, this guy has all answers to it. He is Meysam Eddie from Iran. However, his current residence is in Istanbul, Turkey.

Know Meysam Eddie

Meysam Eddie is an adept Director, Actor, and Rapper based in Turkey. From an early age, he got a chance to know rap music. Although a difficult one, his skillful mind was enough to adapt to it quickly. With full devotion to it from the initial stage, he was involved in the elements of music. With both his rap music style and personality, he suddenly shone by rising in the world of rap music.

Meysam began first with his favorite rap music with a group. Once, he gained the very required skills in the rap music game, he continues his rap music career as a solo artist. The rap artist is best known for Turkish ice cream (2019), No One Knows About Persian Cats (2009), and Rhythm + Flow (2019). These works became the prominent builders for his professional portfolio.

Meysam Eddie – is known for Rapping

The Persian actor is a rapper having a wide pool of audience in Istanbul. After several years of staying in Istanbul, he claims Turkey to be heaven for him for his rap verses. His verses mainly attract the Z generation and all the rap lovers of the music space. His personality culminates in his verses and it in turn strikes the correct chord in people’s minds.

This young artist entered the playlists in the very first place after each rap album he releases. His work continues to follow the pattern of conveying his love of rap to the masses. Meysam takes the criteria as one of the most popular rappers who people love to listen to very often just because of his quality and originality in rap music.

Early Life and Entry into Music

This young talent takes birth in the month of September 1990 in Iran. By 17 years of age, Eddie released his first song in rap music. His earlier interest made him pursue education in Performing Arts at Portland Actors Conservatory. He got to improve his musical talent and also continued acting for some time. Acting and rapping – he chose mostly rapping to keep it to the core of his heart.

The year, 2008 saw his rap music taking a kickstart with a group called Shiraz Shargh. However, he soon left to earn a self-recognition. A 5-year break from rap music but still no one can tell as the way he takes on rap at ease today. He is carving this musical art and gets a whole lot of appreciation with his songs streaming on the top musical platforms. As soon as a song gets released, it takes no time to sweep the charts and become a hit in Turkey.

Popular rap songs by Eddie

Khab, Mafia, Sundis, Khastam, Az Shiraz Ta Istanbul, Man Hamanam, Chameleon & latest released Pishro Music Chi Dare get some significance in his book of rap music. Adding a marginal and freestyle air to rap music with his style, Meysam has very genuinely taken the title of the Fastest Rapper known in Istanbul. Today, he continues to compose and get into these verses and work even better for some further recognition. A follow-up for such an artist is a must in all cases. Visit to get some insights on this rap artist.

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