Meet Karla Maric, the sizzling Glam Model cum Influencer! For her, it’s more than just winning the crown!

There are thousands of attractive women in the world. No matter where you go, you will see beautiful ladies all around. Social media has made this even easier, especially Instagram. The image sharing platform has transformed into a multi-million dollar business for those blessed with near perfect bodies and beautiful faces.

Whether a professional model or someone looking to get into the business, social media is the ideal tool for people to flaunt themselves and get noticed. The more likes and follows, the more chance of crossing over into the mainstream and making a career out of being a model. But with so many models using social media it is hard to get noticed.

If you are an aspiring model, you definitely want someone to guide you or inspire you throughout the journey and who better than Karla Maric, the beautiful, gorgeous and elegant damsel who hails from Croatia!

Karla Maric, a.k.a. Carlito’s Way on Instagram, is a Glam Model, Fashion Enthusiast and an Influencer who collaborates with brands for promotional activities while inspiring her followers at the same time. She is among the finalists of the Miss World Woman Beauty Contest!

Karla’s self-esteem and her realization that physical attractiveness is not the primary factor in success are both boosted by widespread public acclaim. Since competitions at any level entail both physical and mental challenges, they also provide her an opportunity for growth.

Standing at 172 cm and equipped with a near perfect body and flawless personality, Karla Maric is able to attract everybody’s attention and make heads turn! This sizzling model has featured several magazine covers and has walked the ramp for renowned designers across Europe!

Ever wondered what a woman really ought to have in herself to be a perfect model? The most-anticipated response to this question would be — why not ask a model herself? 

“Modeling is lot more than just winning a crown! Yes, it has its own set of benefits, it does not only take a woman to the level of fame where people know her by her name, but also teaches young women some important life skills, such as developing self-confidence, personal development, grooming, communication skills and so on,” Karla. “See for yourself, it isn’t all about the long hair, beauty, walking around on stage, and being plastic!”  

Karla Maric is as candid as possible and is outspoken. She is confident enough even when she isn’t feeling high. Not everyone knows everything but having the confidence of speaking it aloud and not being ashamed is always a plus point. This also helps her in forming a good image in front of the audience and is an easy way to gain more followers.   

It is true that giant gowns and splendid dresses attract people, but Karla Maric, being simple and elegant, is something that people love looking at. She makes sure that her style in the beauty contest is quite elegant and she does not overdo anything. Being simple and sober is one of Karla’s best ways of making her place in the hearts of people.

“Today, modelling symbolizes an exciting and a lucrative career for the youth. Owing to further growth of consumerism and media, there has been a remarkable boost in this profession and with global expansion of fashion industry, it has made modelling an attractive career for the upcoming generation.” says Karla.

To make a name in the fashion and modelling or let’s say entertainment industry is the hardest among the budding influencers but for model and influencer- Karla Maric, it has been a fascinating journey. A student of Humanities and Science, from college days itself, she began participating in different fashion shows before taking modelling as a career option.   

“The world of modelling has something for everyone. There are so many niches and specializations that you can find at least one that fits your look and personality. Once you decide becoming a model is the right move, it’s time to choose which path you’ll take to get there,” says Karla. According to her, there’s a lot more to the modelling profession than being really, really, ridiculously good looking.   

Getting started as a model is no easy feat. There are a lot aspiring models out there who are striving hard to make it big in the industry, but not everyone has been as successful as Karla Maric. As for her, it took time, dedication, and probably most importantly, thick skin.   

In a recent TV show, she has been quoted as saying that for many, being judged based on your appearance can be taxing, but with the modelling industry becoming more body-inclusive, more opportunities are opening up for aspiring models of all shapes, sizes and gender.   

In this digital age, not only are more independent models and fashion stylists making their way in the business, but they are actually the fastest-growing segment of the global trade. With the advent of social media, more people are turning in to show their skills to get noticed.

Influencer Model Karla Maric is a proficient when it comes to brand marketing and digital strategies. She is a master content creator and knows how to feel the pulse of the people by portraying the exact image of herself online which the people want.   

“Without digital marketing, it is impossible to boost popularity nowadays,” says she. “Even if you are an independent model or an actor, your work needs to get noticed and what better way to get noticed than the social media? Today, even a child has a smart phone, so in order to make your presence felt, you or your work needs to pop up each time a person scrolls his social media feed.”

Due to her immense popularity, Karla Maric has gained more than 46.1K followers over her Instagram in a very short time. On social media she keeps posting about clothing lines, fashion and styling tips and so on; thus keeping her followers involved with enticing content.  

She does live chats and motivates youngsters with her experience and also provides useful tips and guidance. The hunger for inspiration is admirable and refreshing for a talent like Karla Maric, telling relatable yet seemingly truthful stories in her heart pounding and emotionally driven content; serving as the ice breaker between her fans, supporters, and her.   

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