Going Green with Seth Leitman, aka The Green Living Guy

Climate change is not inexplicable, and its attributions have had a severe impact on the planet. The adverse effects of climate change have uncovered many aspects of the world’s misuse of natural ecosystems. According to environmentalists, going green is the most efficient way to help curb climate change, and electric vehicles (EVs) play a huge role. 

The global EV market is pacing with expectations to touch 39.21 million units from 8.1 million units by 2030. Its exponential growth comes directly from factors through which it can encounter the effects of pollution. Living activist Seth Leitman has already accepted the green concept in his personal and professional life. 

Who is The Green Living Guy?

Seth Leitman compiles himself as an entrepreneur, author, blogger, and green guru. He is the Founder of The Green Living Guy Productions, a green living concierge service that helps clients implement more sustainable, environmentally safe services into their businesses. He has created green marketing initiatives and has spearheaded his international effort to reduce the catastrophic outcomes of climate change. His significant 25 years of experience 

have allowed him to acquire the title of The Green Living Guy.

Association with other initiatives

Leitman worked for The New York State Senate, the NY State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and the New York Power Authority (NYPA). He has also partnered with many governments on several green initiatives. Also formerly as the Program Manager of Drive Electric Hudson Valley, NY and formerly of Sustainable Westchester, he ducated the region on electric cars. Letman has now strengthened his position as President of the Greater Hudson Valley Electric Vehicle Association and more car owners are switching to EVs.

Media presence and future initiatives

Leitman’s blog, consultancy, podcast, YouTube, Twitter, and Amazon page convey the same message—bringing awareness to society. He also promotes eco-friendly choices under the leadership of NY State Senator, Peter Harckham. Additionally, Leitman plans to expand his business over the next five years by offering various services to publicly traded companies like Tesla, Xos Trucks, Staples, and Panasonic USA. 

Sustainability firm, Evertreen, which works with companies like HP, has made Leitman their green leader to help complete upcoming projects. Together, they plant 100 trees each month in 7 countries. Thus far, they’ve planted a total of 602 trees worldwide.

Leitman has literary contributions too. He is the author of nine books with TAB McGraw-Hill. “People need to know that I am a natural resource on climate change, the environment, global warming, green living, and electric cars in NY. So I will bring electric cars, buses, and another great green tech to NY,” said Leitman. 

Leitman envisions a safer and greener planet in the near future which attributes him as one of the great thought leaders in the field.

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