El Tab, a Latin urban music singer, just released his brand-new song, “HUELLAS.”

This single has received thousands of views across all digital stores, including YouTube.

“Random Sounds” is in charge of the song’s distribution. The urban singer “Jeffrey Castillo,” better known as “El Tab,” is having his best musical moment as he sees one of his greatest dreams come true.

something I’ve always longed for since I was a kid.

His music says it all: he is a talented young man who is working hard to fulfill his dream of making urban music. He has several songs on the streets, and his fans like them all.

Dominican Republic: With his musical career, “El Tab,” an artist who is venturing into this musical field, urban music continues to conquer many young people who want to break into the world of stardom.

His receptivity has been positive on digital platforms like Spotify and YouTube, where his songs register hundreds of thousands of reproductions, as all of his songs have managed to position themselves in people’s taste.

His career is managed by The Grace Music, LLC, his record label, and Random Sounds is in charge of the distribution of their songs.

Instagram  :   https://www.instagram.com/eltabuofficial/

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