‘Do commercial pilots have a common traits? Hear it from Omari Bigirimana, aka Pilot Omar, a student of Aviation and a flying Influencer!

Becoming a pilot is about more than training and building flying skills. Beyond the technical abilities required to earn their wings, pilots must also develop a balance of leadership skills, discipline, critical thinking skills, and a proper attitude. And while no two pilots are exactly the same, there are several qualities that are common among successful pilots.

Today, Omari Bigirimana, aka Pilot Omar, will speak about the common traits that are found in every successful pilot. But first, let us first know who he is.

Omari Bigirimana, also known by his digital name – Pilot Omar, is a student at the Turkish Aeronautical Association (Turk Hava Kurumu Üniversitesi) and joined Turkish Airlines for training and became a student there. He is a Social Media Influencer who posts inspirational content about the aviation industry and is proficient in 6 languages, namely English, French, Turkish, Arabic, Swahili and Kirundi.

Pilot Omar posts images from his flight trainings and has gained around 158K Instagram followers in the process. His pictures on Instagram are different. But if you enjoy the nature and the bird view from an airplane gives you shivers this account will be a perfect inspiration for you. His Stylish and well-coordinated account will inspire you to step up your own Instagram game.

Pilot Omar’s posts of pictures and videos are perfectly matched with colors and the content of travel and life as a pilot. If you are someone who wants to become a pilot, this is the account where you will get a bunch of inspiration.

Coming back to the topic, this is what he has to say about the common traits found in successful pilots.

‘Attention to detail’

When it comes to flying, small mistakes can make a big impact, and there’s little room for error in the skies. “Throughout all stages of flight, whether it’s following a pre-flight checklist or calculating course corrections, pilots need to have a high level of attention to detail and precision to promote better flight safety,” says Pilot Omar.

‘Situational awareness’

According to Pilot Omar, situational awareness is a critical aspect of risk management that refers to a pilot’s mental picture of the aircraft’s physical position in space and its relation to the elements of flight and is a critical factor of risk management in flying.

Says he, “Proper situational awareness includes being aware of flight conditions, flight operations, weather systems, as well as environmental factors such as proximate terrain, airspace restrictions, obstructions, and impending weather systems.”


Self-confidence is another common trait among great pilots. “Too much confidence can develop into arrogance, but too little confidence can be considered equally as dangerous,” says Pilot Omar. According to him, a pilot who lacks self-confidence may second-guess their decisions, which in turn hinders their ability to handle in-flight emergencies. Pilots must have a level of confidence in their skills and trust their own decisions to be successful. 


“The best pilots have confidence, but they also recognize the value of humility. Humble pilots know that no matter how well-trained or naturally talented they may be, there’s always room for improvement. They are willing to admit their mistakes and seek guidance or advice from more experienced pilots to improve their flying skills,” says Pilot Omar.

‘Desire to learn’

The best pilots are lifelong learners. According to Pilot Omar, they pursue opportunities to increase their aviation knowledge and refine their skills, no matter their experience level. Says he, “When they’re not flying, they spend time participating in continuing education programs, training for new ratings, and keeping up with the latest safety information to become even better pilots.”

Although young, Omari Bigirimana, aka Pilot Omar, keeps his audience engaged with innovative posts in the form of reels, photos and videos. His Instagram is filled with visually appealing and aesthetic posts on the aviation industry like pilot training sessions etc. He has been quoted as saying, “I’d like to hope the pride and enthusiasm I share will inspire many.” As said before, due to his immense popularity, several brands have collaborated with him for promotional activities. So much popularity at such a young age! Entrepreneur and Influencer Omari Bigirimana, aka Pilot Omar is seen as an inspirational figure amongst the youth.

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