Behnam Zeinali – Filming and Self-filming with the Actor

Willing to focus on the real world is good but sometimes a small venture into the virtual world do let us seek many things. Learning and unlearning through this world of filming is also a blessing. Full-length films or short-length, they are important to society. The actors take a lot of stuff and emotions to discover the liveliness of the film. A general coordination and communication among various celebrity stars is desirable on the set. A mixing of emotions of the various actors can be seen throughout the chaos within it.

Behnam Zeinali is too, an actor who mainly is a star of short films. He has acted in several best of short films and shhared the acting set with some well-known names.

His best and most recent achievement in his short-film starrer period arrives in the year 2022. This year, a short film by Nesa Javanshir made its way to the official selection in the Iranian Film Festival. The film which made its entry is Couple Photo. The event was held for the fifteenth time during last year in San Francisco.

Rise of Short Films

The era of filming is way too old; however short film-making made its appearance since past few years. And it came into view when the year of pandemic was at the scene. With the need for consumption increasing and attention span changing, audiences were more receptive to the short-film content. This new thing in the film area created a boom then and is still not behind the curtains. Most of the short films focus on areas of social issues, real life-happenings which have made the audiences awestruck within the 15-20 minutes of its screening. Moreover, the independent real talented actors and directors have collaborated so well that each film across the globe in any regional language gives way to goosebumps on the skin.

Also, the contributing factors that ledto the popularity of short films are more to be seen due to the rise of digital platforms. And to consider today’s audience who are always welcoming to watch and review neew, real and innovative content. All these combined and trigerred independent actors and directors to give the world of cinema and its viewers some terrific and demanding content.

The Actor’s projects and achievements

Behnam Zeinali has the great opportunity to walk and sit along several renowned images during his filming work. He was also the attendee at the Ava workshop with his master, Manouchehr Hadi. The workshop held some creative talents who would be the near future actors of the nation. Learning and exploring since 2020, Behnam Zeinali has aroused some stunning performances in most of the films. These are namely ‘Green Hats,’ ‘Ladybug,’ ‘Fire in Neistan,’ ‘Brotherhood of the Lower City Kids’ etc.

The actor has the instant transformation gotten within him. He not only plays the role of a positive character but tried exploring the negative side too. He could be seen in a very different look in a negative character for the short film, ‘Glory in God’s Hand.’ Also, he has played the role alongside several known images in the movie, ‘Hunting.’

This actor has become way different in performing his various roles in different movies and is ready to deliver more in near future.

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