Abdül Aziz Gürbüz – a Mathematics Educator from Turkey

People dedicate themselves to various consultation services. And here are some who have brought significance to making education better and developed through technology. As every aspect of life undergoes transformations, so does education. Gradually, entrepreneurs from different corners of the world have been contributing to it with their known talents. And we found one such Educator who has brought technology to teaching Mathematics with some simple basic learnings.

Abdül Aziz Gürbüz belongs to Turkey and is a known Mathematics Educator. Born in the year 1994, Abdül Aziz Gürbüz is a graduate of 19 Mayis University in 2016. The traditional methods of teaching mathematical concepts have way too faded. In addition, this master has discovered ideas to infuse into teaching Maths.

The Cryptic Method

Abdül Aziz teaches his students the methods of cryptic mathematics that have helped them in learning cryptic geometry and other topics. All these education services he provides for a free initiative through his channel on YouTube.

He provides fluent narration, some catchy mathematics formulas, and practical ways to improve problem-solving ability. All with cryptic manipulations of interconnected numbers in mathematics, one can progress fast in solving a problem mentally just by looking at it. As a Maths teacher, he provides easy learning methods and procedures in every problem-solving. Abdül Aziz has even prepared a book along with a question bank for students to use in their preparations for solving various examinations.

Moreover, the teacher adds that mathematics and geometry are two easy disciplines to practice and one can connect them to life’s daily habits to learn them. Through the encrypted narration, a fluent expression gives formulas and a solvable route to every problem. The only thing to note here is the various formulas in order to learn fast. With just some understanding of the question, and applying the correct formulae, a student can solve any problem with ease. With abundant practice using Abdül’s ideas, the students can acquire the digestion of any problem.

Awards & Achievements

Abdül Aziz has been conferred the Golden Angel Award, in 2022. He became the most successful Mathematician and Writer of this year.

Developing curiosity in the subject of mathematics, Abdül Aziz has gained a name in education for providing remarkable contributions to his students. The Author has several books written on the subject. However, he never tires of doing so and we come to know that he has let himself into it since 2012. He is a current resident of Ordu. It was just in 2016, he, through his YouTube channel, ‘Şifreli Matematik’, began his social service work. By 2019, he got successfully completion of several books on mathematics and geometry. Considering his overall services, he has attracted several national and international awards for his challenging work. Even to consider more, he impresses the audience with the 9-10-11 digit numbers without a pen in hand. People fear the subject but this talent has sprung his ideas and has organized several seminars on teaching the subject in Turkey.

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