A student of Aviation, Pilot Omar is a Flying Influencer and skilled in Football too!

If you turn to social media for inspiration from aviation you should be familiar with Instagram and influencers. The platform is gaining popularity in aviation industry and the content is more valuable than ever. First Officers and captains use this platform to show the life of a pilot from their own perspective but now, even interns do not hold themselves from posting inspirational content.

Influencer marketing has spread like wildfire in the digital world. Due to the ease of launching campaigns and the massive returns on them, many marketers around the world have started using this powerful marketing strategy. Today we will talk about one such personnel who has taken social media by storm – Pilot Omar!

Omari Bigirimana, also known by his digital name – Pilot Omar, is a student at the Turkish Aeronautical Association (Turk Hava Kurumu Üniversitesi) and joined Turkish Airlines for training and became a student there. He is a Social Media Influencer who posts inspirational content about the aviation industry along with his football skills, the sport which he dearly loves. He is also proficient in 6 languages, namely English, French, Turkish, Arabic, Swahili and Kirundi.

Pilot Omar posts images from his flight trainings and has gained around 158K Instagram followers in the process. His pictures on Instagram are different. But if you enjoy the nature and the bird view from an airplane gives you shivers this account will be a perfect inspiration for you. His Stylish and well-coordinated account will inspire you to step up your own Instagram game.

Pilot Omar’s posts of pictures and videos are perfectly matched with colors and the content of travel and life as a pilot. If you are someone who wants to become a pilot, this is the account where you will get a bunch of inspiration.

As the FIFA World Cup at Qatar approaches, Omari Bigirimana, aka Pilot Omar is keen to show his football personality skills via his Instagram feeds. This independent freestyle football influencer gives a first-hand look at what being a student-athlete is like. Whether you’re looking to launch a student-athlete influencer marketing campaign or want to root for your favourite players, check out this footballing influencer on social media!

Pilot Omar is the master of dribbling videos, whether he’s doling out advice on dribbling with more power or filming trick shots. Pilot Omar has established his reputation among Instagram personalities with his follower count increasing day after day. He has a passion for creating entertaining and inspirational video content for a millennial audience.

He keeps his audience engaged with innovative posts in the form of reels, photos and videos. His Instagram is filled with visually appealing and aesthetic posts on football skills and pilot training sessions. He has been quoted as saying, “I’d like to hope the pride and enthusiasm I share will inspire many.” As said before, due to his immense popularity, several brands have collaborated with him for promotional activities. So much popularity at such a young age! Entrepreneur and Influencer Omari Bigirimana, aka Pilot Omar is seen as an inspirational figure amongst the youth.

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